We are specialist in all things related to Gate Installation and Automation.

  • Thoroughly checking the whole automation system and adjusting where necessary

  • Lubricating the system where required

  • Topping up oil levels if applicable

  • Lubricating the gate hinges

  • Test and adjust intercom/video where applicable

  • Discussing any problems with clients

  • Site Inspection and survey
  • Ground works for piers and electrical cabling 
  • Sourcing of gates & automation components
  • Installation of gates and piers
  • Automation components connection and configuration

Why choose Gate Automation?

Gate Automation is one of the longest established and leading automated gate companies in the south of Ireland. We have gathered a wealth of experience to help achieve the most suitable security gate installation to suit your property and your own personal requirements for your system.

We are based in Tipperary and carry out installations throughout Munster.

Gate Automation is a family run company established in 1999. We are approved installers of V2 security gate equipment which we work closely with.

How do we Operate?

Firstly, we will talk to you to get an idea on what you are looking to achieve. We will want to know about your own preferences for the type of security gate and how you want the security system to operate. Then we will measure the size of the entrance taking into account ground levels and layout.

We will establish the power supply to the automated gates is to be taken from and consider all the factors involved, such as weather and strong winds are likely to affect the operation of the gate and the amount of use the gate is likely to endure.

On the basis, of the information gathered we will prepare a full quotation for the works involved. We will also advice you on the timing of the installation should you take up our offer.

The processes defined are all free of charge and without any obligation.

Our aim is to leave every client totally satisfied with the service we have given because we know our future depends on it.


Frequent Questions

What are the Maintenance Requirements for Automated Gates and Barriers?

Automatic gate and barrier systems are generally exposed to all weather conditions and varying levels of use and abuse.

As with all moving equipment a maintenance program will ensure the longest possible life of the equipment. All automation systems are highly stressed in normal use and are expensive to install. For systems using hydraulics the simplest analogy is to compare it with a car braking system. Both use fluids that are hydroscopic (absorb moisture), require bleeding and ‘O’ ring changes to maintain optimum performance and to extend the life of the internal components.

What does a Standard Service Include?

Our company provides full servicing facilities which can include on site dismantling for rectification and fault finding, together with off-site service facilities where required for hydraulic pressure testing. Preventative maintenance provides the benefits of:

  • Continued trouble free operation and peace of mind
  • Extended life of the equipment
  • Continual security and convenience

We can service most makes of equipment but do not carry spare parts for all of them.We can usually order parts for most of the main brands if they are needed.

Do you offer Yearly Maintenance Contracts?

For extra peace of mind, maintenance contracts include a minimum of one service per year, plus the added advantage of up to 2 call-outs per year which can be made without any extra charges for labour. Any parts used will be charged at list price if they are not colvered by our warranty. Anyone with a maintenence contract will be given priority in an emergency.

N.B. If we are called out but no fault can be found with our equipment, a charge may be made.

(PLEASE NOTE: Service and maintenance contracts do not cover replacement parts. Any part found to be defective and not covered by our warranty will be chargable. You will be advised of any additional charges prior to any work being carried out)

What about Support and Warranty?

We recommend that all installations are serviced annually, to ensure long and trouble free operation.

Our technical department provides both pre sale advice, after sales advice and telephone support should there be any queries during installation.

All V2 gate products that are fitted by our company comes with a 5 year warranty (However damage caused by misuse will be charged for).

What about Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payments are due in advance unless you have a credit account with us.
  2. Someone must always be available when we arrive on site, this will help to identify any problems and can save you money by saving us time. Your absence can lead to extra charges for wasted journeys if we have to return at a later date to gain access or obtain permission to fit replacement parts.
  3. All parts used will be charged for at list price, unless covered by guarantee. We will confirm the cost of any parts with you before fitting them, hence the necessity for someone to be in when he calls. If there is no-one available we cannot fit any parts unless written permission is left accepting the cost of any parts used. Any new parts fitted will carry a guarantee.
  4. Standard service is a one-off visit, it does not cover you for any breakdowns during the rest of the year.
  5. Any call-outs where no fault is found, where the fault is due to misuse or anything other than faulty equipment or installation, will be charged for even if still under guarantee.

Examples of call-outs where no fault was found with the equipment:

  • Gates not operating because they had been turned on to manual release.
  • Gates not operating because someone had left a large piece of metal on an exit loop.
  • Gates not operating because someone had placed an obstruction between the photocells or grass growing over them.
  • A tripped fuse caused by a fault elsewhere on the circuit.
  • Gates not closing because someone had painted the photocell lenses.
  • One common problem, which often occurs with newly installed equipment, is where the gates do not fully open or close. This can be caused by pressing the button on the remote controlfor a second time before they have fully completed their sequence. Waiting for 20 seconds and then pressing the remote control again will reset the automation.

N.B. There is a slight delay after the button is pressed whilst the receiver checks the signal and if the button is pressed again it will reverse the signal. Always wait at least 10 seconds before pressing the button again.

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